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I create images from fabric that become note cards, framed prints, mugs, pillow and ornaments just to name a few. I can do custom designs as well if you are looking for a specific color, size or image. 

I also create hand sewn baskets from fabric, clothing etc.  For example, clients have given me shirts or scarves that they no longer wear or are from a loved one and I have made them into baskets that are both decorative and functional.


Note cards: $3.00/each

Gift Tags:  $1.00/each

Mugs:  $10.00/each

Glass Angels $10.00/each

Ornaments:  $10.00/each

Car stickers:  $5.00/each

Prints (8x10, 11x14, poster size)

T-shirts:  $20.00/each

Baskets:  Prices vary by size